A question of Time & Distance »

Modern life is a beautiful paradox. The work week keeps us insanely busy. We travel the world, establish our professional selves on distant geographies and become true global citizens. But then, there is always, a downside.
You are at times far away from the assets you have created.
Assets, are like children. They need to be carefully watched over and kept out of harms way. Something, that may become difficult if you are sitting half-way across the world.
A problem of time and distance..
Some of us think this is not much of a problem.. We all have a conveniently located relative who can pitch in...
But ask yourself this one question:
Does he or she have the time and above all the expertise to help you out when it comes to financial, real estate and legal matters.
You know the answer.

A friend & Guide »

We understand your dilemma and we are here to help. Our company, Insignia Solutions India, is based in New Delhi, India and provides consultancy and advisory services in India for issue pertaining to financial, real estate and legal matters.
Our approach is simple.
We first understand your requirements, then our team comes up with the best possible approach to address the issue. Our services are customized depending on the assignment, client's requirement and situation. We guide you from start to finish and help you address the issue in the sectors and departments we specialize in.
We know that you will need the complete solution and not partial or half-baked ideas.
That's why we are there with you at every step. Guiding you through the procedures and formalities that have to be undertaken to address your concern.
Paperwork is especially important. And we have it covered. We prepare the entire documention that needs to be submitted to the concerned department, and follow up on your behalf.



We provide a detailed working plan, clearly describing the procedure that is involved, documentation that will be required and the estimated time it will take to conclude the assignment. We shall prepare the entire documentation for the client, ready for submission to the concerned department/office. Post submission, a regular follow up is undertaken to monitor the progress of the assignment.
We provide consultancy on most kind of financial issues that one comes across in regular routine. We have enumerated some of these problems as under:

  • Cases pertaining to recovery of unclaimed amounts in bank accounts, EPF, PPF, post office and other schemes from banks and other financial institutions and other investment avenues
  • How to remit/repatriate legi funds as per prevailing RBI norms
  • How to recover and follow up with banks, institutions and corporates, for deposit, lost FDs, bonds, shares, dividends and other saving schemes.
  • Cases pertaining to inheritance of FD’s, mutual funds, bonds, shares, debentures, mutual funds, insurance policies and other investments, in case of death of the original holder/allottee, to the name of the nominee or legal heirs.
  • How to follow-up on recovery of amounts from insurance companies-life and general.
  • Financial, tax planning and management.
  • Asset planning and management.


We have a particular focus on issues which require recourse to legal proceedings, for the purpose of enforcing and/or protecting the rights of our clients. We work in collaboration with several renowned law firms and eminent lawyers in the country, on various issues, and keep a full-fledged track on court proceeding and follow up on each and every date of hearing.
We ensure that there is no lapse in follow-up from the client’s end and that the internal of the client is safeguarded at all times. A summary of court proceedings is prepared on every hearing and is sent to the client, along with the court order of every hearing, so that the client can also monitor the status of the assignment and is thus constantly updated.
While we provide consultancy on all kind of matters, we have listed some of the more general issues that one faces in their daily routine.

  • Filling of suits in cases of death-succession certificate, probate, family settlement, partition suits.
  • Filling of suite to protect/defend ownership and possession of assets, eviction of tenants/illegal occupants
  • Filling of suits for recovery of money/dues/loans and advances/interests etc.
  • Any other civil matter.



With over 50 years of exposure in the real estate sector, we carry enough experience to guide our clients. Real estate is a sector which requires a lot of hard work, time, effort and money for effective management. There are multiple formalities and equal number of departments that need to be connected. At times, issues in this sector can get so complicated and technical, that they need to be addressed with a well thought out strategy.
It is extremely difficult to pen down the kind of complexities that can arise, but we have hereby given some basic issues that pertain to real estate.

  • Sale, purchase, leasing and collaboration of real estate.
  • Real estate maintenance, refurbishment, renovation, remodeling and construction
  • Conversion of property from leasehold to freehold.
  • Mutation of property in the government records.
  • Consultancy for resolving of pending cases of house tax, getting incorrect assessments rectified, filling of all dues up to date, resolving cases of attachment of properties.
  • Consultancy with departments, in case of inheritance of assets.
  • Consultancy for land use changes, FAR/FSI related issues, plan sanctions, permissions.
  • Cases of lost conveyance deeds/sale deeds/perpetual and sub-leases.
  • Consultancy on any kind of issue pertaining to real estate.


Typical Problems Faced by People »

  • Lack Of information about procedures and formalities to be followed and for NRIs this can be vastly different in their current location vs India.
  • Certain assignments take several months of constant follow up, correspondance and documentaion before it can be concluded and people may not be able to attribute as muh time from their already hectic schedule and in case of NRIS.going back and froth is not always practical.
  • During the course of execution,many times,the concerned officials are transferred.So all background work has to be refreshed with the new officer.
  • For minor issues,it does not make economic sense to travel all the way to india.
  • Major issues are often time consuming and people do not have as much time to follow up the matter.
  • Geographical constraints and time zone differences also act as deterent for people to personally follow up on their problem/issues.
  • High levels of red tape in most of the government orgnization;large corporates etc.., is also a deterrent to pursue matters.



Expertise at work for you »

Our services are available to everyone. But are more pertinent to our fellow citizens abroad.
In cases which involve recovery of unclaimed legitimate dues from banks, corporates, public sector undertakings, private Firms etc., we ensure that the same is transferred to the client’s bank accounts(NRO/NRE etc.). The same can be remitted to the client’s overseas bank accounts as per Reserve Bank of India guidelines.
If you need legal assistance, we have a battery of advocates/senior advocates who we can engage on your behalf. We coordinate and follow-up with the advocate for each and every hearing. We ensure the completion of formalities and keep you updated on every development.
In case where your physical presence is required, we complete all groundwork, formalities, etc., so that you visit India only when needed. We are there with you at every step to ensure that remainder of the work is completed with reasonable timelines, our focus is always on saving your time, money and effort and making sure that you fly back within no time, after the successful completion of your assignment.
In all we do, our focus never wavers; to find an elegant and early resolution to your issue, with as little inconvenience to you as possible.





Resources »

" Carefully chosen for their expertise and experience,our dedicated team of professionals carry with them deep domain expertise.All this comes into play on a daily basis,to insure resolution of client issues efficiently and within stipulated time frame.Ably led and positively propelled,they take on every case as a challenge to showcase their abilities. "

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Every genesis is built upon years of hard work and built up trust.Insignia has been conceived by professionals who have been keenly associated with the real estate sector for almost 50 years.They have,in these years,earned goodwill and a high reputation for integrity in the industry.They are all HNIs having substantial real estate holding in the country.The group has been specializing in the development of real estate-commercial and residential-corporate,professionals office centers,residential buildings. Our business is built on repeat tenants and lease renewals.We lease and manage all of our office centers,and our experienced property managers ensure that our clients and properties remain maintained.
Our tenant roster includes an assemblage of leading corporates.


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